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Illustration Trends – November 2020

Let’s talk #vector #illustrations vs photos for your carousels. ✌️ Sure, you can edit photos, recolor it, remove its background, or crop it…but let’s face it, editing vectors is just faster and gives you a much more tailor-made look.

Also, staying up-to-date with illustration trends will definitely make your work look current and fresh.

I’d like to hear your thoughts on this! Do you think photos are more impactful?

Which illustration trends would you like to explore or already explore in your carousels?

Thanks for reading! 👍🏼
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Rasha is passionate for all kinds of content creation with a particular interest in Arabic. After years of working in Social Media Marketing – agency-side – Rasha joined Saad to launch Oteek and hopped into generating ideas, writing bilingual scripts, casting talents and sourcing props. Additionally, she happily handles illustration and typography.
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Lovely info! Thanks, Rasha. 🙂

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