We started Oteek because we believe in new media.

We asked ourselves: ’How do we define Oteek?’ A digital content studio based in Dubai would be accurate. What makes us different? We work with an inspiring insight first. It could be a simple thought that connects well with our market – usually young people who grew up and still reside in the GCC – of different backgrounds and nationalities. If insights, traditions, and consumers’ values guide us, it’s the everchanging trends in social media and technology that excite us. Our ‘ideal project’ is the perfect marriage of a relatable story told through new media. Think of a ‘tale as old as time’ told via a TikTok contagious challenge. Kind of. Maybe. Why not?

Rasha Suleiman

Production Manager. Script Writer.
VeRy ArTsY, InDeEd.

Rasha is passionate for all kinds of content creation with a particular interest in the Arabic language. After 5 years of working as a Social Media Specialist – agency-side – Rasha joined Saad to launch Oteek and hopped into generating ideas, writing bilingual scripts, fine tuning production details, casting talents and sourcing props. Additionally, she happily takes care of illustration and typography work in client’s video projects.

Saad Rabia

Filmmaker. Creative Director.
Mr. Wise Technology Guy.

My main strength is making the impossible possible, everything can be reversed engineered. Whether it’s a simple cinemagraph or a complex 360° video, I love a technical challenge. With 13+ years as a video nerd, I have been involved with numerous agencies and clients in pretty much every sector. My roles vary from ideation, creative direction, filming, and post-production.

My attitude: Everything is art; nothing is art.